Jul. 4th 03:07 PM 2012
dudulomo... woow!!! long time...i only come here if i wan read yeye news ohh.... fb is my hanging spot now... add me Haynor Heemarhnuel Hokage...

am fyne ohh!!!

Sep. 26th 07:21 PM 2010
just getting warm up!! are u ready?


Sep. 16th 07:46 AM 2010


Sep. 15th 09:06 AM 2010
hey av been good thanks. hope ure nt doing bad urself

i woudnt used the word strict....

Aug. 10th 09:32 PM 2010
i fink he is the best trainer just like pastor CHRis ...... he makes u know who u really are .....

school is fyne ohhh

Jul. 25th 09:36 PM 2010
do u know our school just finish hosting leaders training programme (LTP) with pastor AFOLABI (our campus pastor and the director of campus ministry )...i just wish u were there .....

its not fair ohhhh

May. 16th 10:48 AM 2010
u just left me here... without saying anything .....anyway hw r u doing ?

school is great

Mar. 19th 05:27 PM 2010
just that the stress is too much now.....

am cool just like cool guy

Mar. 13th 08:21 PM 2010
ithas really been long oohhh


Mar. 7th 04:17 PM 2010


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