whatz up

Sep. 24th 01:42 PM 2009
just strolling ,.....and decided to say hi, hw r u doing....? hw is ya salah....?


Aug. 21st 01:12 AM 2009
how are u.things are fine?

i dont

Aug. 14th 06:23 PM 2009
fink its a wayword comment, i just tink its a fact about u. uve got alovely lips and u shld accept and appreciate d fact.


Aug. 14th 06:18 PM 2009
do u work ?????????

nah nah

Aug. 14th 06:17 PM 2009
dudu, im not doing ds all by myself,im getting lesson here.anyway i need to tell u once more u r very beautiful hav just gone tthru ur pics, so keep it up


Aug. 14th 12:31 PM 2009
u no wot, u r goregeus and i think i like ur lips the most, its kissable


Aug. 14th 12:25 PM 2009
i here to gain experience and no wots going on in town to i can no how to deal wiv things im old enough, anyway i like ur profile page, d music and ur pictures. r u michaels fan?


Aug. 12th 01:53 AM 2009
hi how are u doin

how far

Aug. 4th 07:47 PM 2009
i am cool, and you.. hope cooler

i am good

Jul. 13th 08:38 PM 2009
thx i am fine.. how u ok