na wao o!

Jun. 4th 05:43 PM 2009
u no try @ all u fall my hand


May. 13th 10:42 PM 2009
am gud

wuz up

Apr. 14th 05:40 PM 2009
same 2 u my dear hv fun


Apr. 4th 10:15 AM 2009

hi dududlomo

Mar. 10th 11:02 AM 2009
i mean i will like to be ur pal as per frds

hey wuz up!!!

Mar. 7th 02:24 PM 2009
happy birthday. my dear frend tryed callin, ur phn aint hv fun

hi dudulomo

Mar. 6th 12:24 PM 2009
If you let go a little, you'll get a little peace. If you let go a lot, you'll get a lot of peace. So while it may feel more comfortable to hang onto something from your past, it's actually causing you far more discomfort than you know -- and preventing you from seeing how lovely the future can be. So learn to forgive, even if you can't quite forget just yet. You've got so much ahead of you: don't waste a moment of it on yesterday. lot of lolss


Mar. 4th 08:09 PM 2009
must confess luvly pics u got

hi duety

Mar. 3rd 04:55 PM 2009
i tanx for viewing my profile lolss


Mar. 3rd 03:10 PM 2009
please i had love to see ur reply