May. 13th 10:00 PM 2009
@status.............Just showing some love...Ope u are great?Wats causing the pains and loneliness naa???

lol funny

May. 13th 11:51 AM 2009
no i dont mean what you said i mean when im singing its a cool feeling


May. 12th 12:51 AM 2009

RockYou FXText


May. 10th 01:23 PM 2009
Espero que pronto vengas a malaga para que podamos escuchar buena musica que hace mucho que no escuchamos algo que valga la pena........eres el mejor

De nada cari...jejeje

May. 10th 04:18 AM 2009
igualmente, espero verte pronto en Málaga...eres la caña!!!muchos besosssssssss.

sent off

May. 9th 07:48 PM 2009
hehehehe- organize a dance for the maidens at the naijaplals village square, then u pick ur new bride. lmao

Yes hommie..

May. 9th 07:22 PM 2009
wateva u wish...im down 4 wateva anytime.

Yes hommie..

May. 8th 06:36 PM 2009
Much new things but still hav sum old unfinished proj....if u have finished d other one, send it to my mailbox (email)Just gat sum hot 9ja sh*** waiting 4 d killer.


May. 8th 01:35 PM 2009
wats gud?


May. 8th 11:09 AM 2009
Oye papi, am in naija(ph).