na so

Feb. 9th 07:11 PM 2010
notin do u...u dn check my new track out for my page so...i be get one stuff way we 4 surpose do together oo..later we talk na-.1 lov


Feb. 3rd 01:51 PM 2010
but i will.


Feb. 2nd 12:06 PM 2010
I'm gud.thx.still singing?


Feb. 1st 02:52 PM 2010
I'm gud.yea, long have you been?.:)


Jan. 30th 10:13 PM 2010
from kissflames to u...stay cool.

nice one boi

Jan. 30th 07:20 PM 2010
hey i like this boi,this song is a sure hit


Jan. 30th 03:10 PM 2010
Passing, nice one. keep it up.


Jan. 17th 02:40 PM 2010
wats gud


Jan. 1st 05:33 PM 2010
happy 20XX, where are you now?

Long time wishing u and ur's blessed

Dec. 21st 11:40 PM 2009
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