Aug. 20th 10:54 AM 2008
Keep representing my broda.


Aug. 12th 05:29 PM 2008
hello j-9ice, i live in the northern part of spain. i ve a friend who is a DJ who wanna know u face to face. how do we contac ut for a show?? pls reply me!!!!!!!!!!

hi boi

Aug. 9th 10:55 PM 2008
hi, how far na? doin fine
jus want to say thax for comment,,
kiss nice song,,


Aug. 9th 08:47 PM 2008
hello, i love this ur track and the voice is so hot. u too much baba. how do i get this song????


Aug. 7th 08:41 PM 2008
hi, friend thx for the comment n picz u are great... a kiss for u..

its naija, i luv it

Aug. 5th 03:23 PM 2008
its naija, i luv it(remix)