hey brother

Mar. 19th 05:23 PM 2010
how u doin 2day?good song i lke it.


Jan. 8th 02:15 PM 2010
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Nov. 10th 06:22 PM 2009
hey broda i dey ooo, longest time, i havent be here al these while you know, hope u cool?

happy sunday bro

Aug. 2nd 06:19 PM 2009
lovely...if it had nt been 4 de Lord on our side...where would we have been....?? in da street or died by now...But all praise goes to Him for keppin us...not dat we are too righterous but just for His love and grace in our lives.....i Bless u suday ..amen...God bless...how are u doin?..im doin gr8

Man u are Great

Jul. 30th 05:03 PM 2009
Man I am proud of U , keep it up..........More reality songs Plssssss, I am Joseph Godwin, my stay name prophet joe, nice to be a friend to a superstar Like U, Stay Bless

hi nothing much

Jul. 26th 11:48 PM 2009
nothing much

my brother

Jun. 24th 08:25 PM 2009

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hello dan

Jun. 20th 03:59 AM 2009
hello how are you to day like my new pic hahahasomeones palying in my profile


Jun. 19th 03:38 PM 2009
bros i dey oh .... aw ya side now?.... u r in china ryt ?

and you

Jun. 16th 06:21 PM 2009
i am doing great and what about you