Oct. 11th 10:38 AM 2013
hi u!!


Oct. 11th 10:37 AM 2013
hi u!!

happy birthday

Mar. 11th 07:48 PM 2012
Happy | Birthday | Forward this Picture


Mar. 25th 03:23 PM 2011

Happy Belated Birthday RealNwaChief

Mar. 9th 05:23 PM 2011

Happy 2011
Today, I'm honoring
a great man,
a true hero.
He may not wear spurs
or own a limousine.
He has no claim to
fame or fortune,
and he doesn't have
a case full of
trophies or medals,
but he has honesty
and integrity,
a caring and
loving heart,
and he's always willing
to lend a helping hand
to those in need.
He's dependable, strong,
and protective.
To me, he will always
be a hero,
one of the greatest men
to ever walk the earth.
He may not be on the
"Who's Who," list,
but I'm certain that
he has friends
in high places;
for surely heaven
smiles down on a
man like him.
And I will always cherish
this hero whom I call "my friend."
I'll always be thankful
for the way he touched my life
and helped me grow!
Happy Birthday (D-NICE)

Much Love to You! Thanks.
Quinn Maybach :-)

misin u

Nov. 30th 03:47 PM 2010
longest tym no see,,,,but still hear you voice


Sep. 20th 04:00 PM 2010

bless u

Jul. 12th 01:38 AM 2010
ho are u doin..happy sunday..hop all is well...tak bless..kissflames

boss man

Jun. 21st 05:53 AM 2010
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Jun. 5th 02:40 PM 2010
long are u doin..u can now check out my stuffs..1 love