How are broda?

Oct. 13th 10:41 PM 2008 myspace graphic comments
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Oct. 12th 04:53 PM 2008
how u de.always working and I love dat.keep it up


Oct. 11th 11:15 AM 2008
how are you doing? hope the weekend is kuul.


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Oct. 9th 01:45 PM 2008
ur lookin like D. banji! my correct?

Hey Guy

Oct. 9th 01:30 PM 2008
Am fine and thankz for the comment . takcare

SO TRUE !!!!

Oct. 9th 05:11 AM 2008
WE are all ONE !
No mater creed or race !
We cut ourselves our blood is the same !
God bless mate !
where would I be able to get your music ?
with love & blessings
Hannah xxxx


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this guy

Oct. 8th 10:02 AM 2008
whatz upz?

heart 2 heart

Oct. 6th 06:30 PM 2008
heart 2 heart with you guy when ever check on you my sorrows dies off slowly and get off ma mind, love as a friend, keep on rocking with the good work your doing the lord is with you