Supper master

Oct. 3rd 01:02 PM 2008
Infact I gave u that name due to the way I see ur this profile, so beaut and much interesting.

Re: Music

Oct. 3rd 11:42 AM 2008
Hi, My dear, thank u 4 giving me this opportunity 2 hrear ur music b4 release; Hope it gud and ok, but wil have enought time to listern to the wordings. and u hv to make the wordings to be audible and claer. the rythyms is ok. pls wil get bck to u. I pray God wil grant the desire of ur heart and wil make the music to b the best in the ear of everyman dat wil hear this music.
Thanks and stay bless.

Bros ..i need your help

Oct. 3rd 10:47 AM 2008
I admire your profile a lot...can you help me design mine..yours is lovely..can't stopp looking at it..

Bros keep on shinning..

Oct. 3rd 10:44 AM 2008
We are solidly behind you...keepn on's your love


Oct. 2nd 11:44 PM 2008
o.k. i will check and confirm it. buddy


Oct. 2nd 08:55 PM 2008


Oct. 2nd 07:40 PM 2008
r u really in china?


Oct. 2nd 02:28 PM 2008
thanks long time wats up and how is everything there

Happy independence

Oct. 2nd 12:56 PM 2008

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Oct. 2nd 09:10 AM 2008
hi my man, how u doing. well, just to show lov. lov ya.b yeeee