Sep. 2nd 11:12 AM 2009
bless u ooooooooooo

hello sir

Aug. 13th 07:44 PM 2009
how are mr.are u a pastor?

good day sir

Aug. 8th 02:59 PM 2009
how can one be a good child of god

have a nice weekend

Aug. 7th 08:10 PM 2009 myspace graphic comments
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Aug. 4th 08:18 PM 2009
how are you

hi cami

Aug. 1st 11:05 AM 2009
happy new month!!

preach it pastor!

Jul. 30th 11:00 PM 2009
God is the best person that can ever be in one's life.abeg,tell them

cami, thank you for visiting dear, sorry i missed you

Jul. 26th 10:35 AM 2009
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good day cami

Jul. 18th 12:14 PM 2009
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Jul. 16th 08:42 PM 2009
are u a pastor