Jul. 15th 04:24 PM 2014
HI, i appreciate the enormous time you have taken out of your precious time to visit my profile, its highly appreciated!!! pleased drop your message and I' ll surelly get back to you ás soon as possible.
Thanks Regards.


Jul. 15th 04:15 PM 2014


Jan. 22nd 06:04 PM 2014
how are u


Mar. 19th 06:16 PM 2012
happy birthday

God bless

Jul. 26th 02:19 PM 2011
Pls keep telling our pals, may be someday sometime they will change.


Oct. 18th 11:55 PM 2010
nice to meet you


Sep. 3rd 01:11 PM 2010
Happy new month David!

long time

Jun. 22nd 01:22 PM 2010
are we still frnds, if so pls let me read a line frm u, how do u do?

that right!

Apr. 21st 06:19 AM 2010
d place of greatest exposure is the place of greatest CONNECTION. I really need christian materials o!


Mar. 31st 10:22 AM 2010
happy belated birthday, so sorry I wasn't around hope u had a great time, take care!