Hi NPs, <br /> I once confessed to being hunted by the poli...
Hi NPs,
I once confessed to being hunted by the police over my last relationship with an inconsistent woman, I finally went on my own accord to the station and reported, she was invited after my statement, she insisted on sitting beside me as I was put behind counter.
Drama unfolded as she retracted all her false accusations & told d police dat she just wanted 2 be with me & promised dem a bumper package if dey could mend our relationship. Trust d police she was detained for false evidence, and she urged me 2 leave her behind if I wished, dat she won't call anybody else.
I got her cousin 2 bail her, but spent my money anyways. Honestly I don't wish 2 continue, but her obsession frightens me. What do I do b4 its too late.

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