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Life is measured by our donation to humanity!!!!!!

Dr Benard Etta is the CEO of Nation Builders International, author of fifty books. President of Nation Builders International Institute for Human Development and Strategic Studies. He is equally a humanitarian, with great passion for the less privileged. For several years he coordinated Nation Builders Football Association, a sport vision aimed at reorienting recalcitrant youths. He organises humanitarian outreaches for widows, orphans, the unemployed and homeless. In 2003,as a result of his multiple areas of intervention he was nominated by a well read Cameroonian newspaper (Cameroon Post International) as the "3rd most influential Anglophone Cameroonian". In 2005, he also won the prestigious title �Man of the year 2005" according to the survey of the American Biographical Institute. In the year 2008, he received another accolade, a doctorate for special field human resource development from Life leadership university USA. LEARN MORE!! www.nationbuildersint.org

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Happy birthday

7 Mar 12, 08:19 PM, Africa/Lagos

Best wishes!



5 Dec 11, 01:00 PM, Africa/Lagos

Happy new month.



29 Mar 11, 12:21 PM, Africa/Lagos

Have a nice day!
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Happy Belated Birthday Dr. Benard Etta

9 Mar 11, 06:06 PM, Africa/Lagos

Happy 2011
Whaddya think I'm gonna give ya
on your birthday?
A big, warm Maybach Hug
Happy Birthday.

Much Love to You! Thanks.
Quinn Maybach :-)



7 Mar 11, 01:40 PM, Africa/Lagos

Happy birthday :)

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6 Mar 11, 05:10 PM, Africa/Lagos

hapi buff day


Sincere thanks Dr. Benard

1 Mar 11, 06:55 AM, Africa/Lagos

Happy & Prosperous 2011
"A Kiss To Save The World"
Would you send a kiss to save the world
To keep someone, maybe you, from dying in it?

Would you send a kiss To save your favorite girl?

What would you kiss that you would put on this list?

We all think we know what we are fighting for
Until something hurts us
Then generations later
Still asking ourselves
Was it worth it
Seem to go through the same thing
We can wake up from a bad dream
With screams
Or when we reach for a kiss
For that we open our eyes
And say
I want more of this
And we go through that day
Longing for that kiss
Could you imagine saving the world
With a simple kiss list?

I kiss my pen
And it bleeds
So that maybe
We wont be leaves
Blown away
In a win-less storm

I kiss my friend's bliss
And they say they love me
Year after year of this
Inspired by spirit kiss

Would you send a kiss to save your favorite video game?

You name What would make you aim your lips
And send a kiss

Hendrix kissed the sky
Would you kiss the child in you
You hide the cries
And truly say
I'll be OK
Today I'll make myself my own baby
And kiss me bliss
'Til no pain can stay

And once I'm entrenched
In the practice of this
I'll see clearly
What I love
And put that on my kiss list

I once blew a kiss to hate
And watched hate become confused
And wait

What is on your wish list?
That you consent to bliss kiss?
A kiss for your business?
For your dreams?
For your favorite sports team?
Sports hero?
Your favorite car?
I'm blowing you a bliss kiss
So maybe you'll put something
On your wish list
Hoping maybe we'll build up enough bliss
To offset all war
With a simple kiss

Call me a fool
But some things are worth writing for

A poem from "The Artist's War"
by Ronnie Lee Daise

I will really appreciate that
Much Love to You! Thanks.
Quinn Maybach :-)



25 Feb 11, 05:47 PM, Africa/Lagos

though ur comment is true,it seems like u pride yourself too much.Try using humble words.



17 Feb 11, 02:31 PM, Africa/Lagos

4 sure


yes oooooooooooooo

17 Feb 11, 02:31 PM, Africa/Lagos

nice quot................. ..............cheers

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