May. 20th 10:39 AM 2009

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May. 19th 03:05 PM 2009
how re u doing?

Tnx do ve a 9ice wked.Cheers.

May. 8th 06:09 PM 2009
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u too kiss

May. 8th 07:57 AM 2009
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mikky mouse

May. 5th 01:38 PM 2009
wats up


May. 4th 03:26 PM 2009
call me what u want bitch, call me on my side kick never answer when its private dont u hate a shy bitch...yeah i fuck a shy bitch, i suck a shy bitch and she aint shy no more she change her name to my bitch........yeah nigga dats my bitch so when she ask for the money when u are dont be suprise bitch i hope u aint trickn if u got it and dont u like a bitch wiv no air chewn gull shit.......

Thanx.Hope u' re ok.Stay blessed.

Apr. 29th 06:37 PM 2009
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Re: 14_Inches_Long' s

Apr. 28th 03:33 PM 2009
abegioooo na wetin b d 14 inches long?
shee na dat tin wey dey inside ur trouser
abi na ...........? am just asking

Thanx for the add.

Apr. 21st 03:54 AM 2009

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