Nov. 14th 08:40 PM 2012
I am Back, how are you doing?


Jan. 25th 09:38 PM 2012
thx u so much ..how is life


Apr. 28th 04:40 PM 2011
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Happy Belated Birthday 14_Inches

Mar. 9th 06:35 PM 2011

Happy 2011
Hope lovely surprises are coming your way
To make your Birthday a wonderful day
Smiles and laughter, joy and cheer
New happiness that stays throughout the year
Hope your birthday brings all these and more
Filling life with surprise and joys galore!

So on this very special day
I would like to say to you
I hope you'll always find happiness
In whatever you may do.

Another candle on your cake
Well there's no need to pout
Be glad that you have strength enough
To blow them all out!
(by birthday messages)
Much Love to You!
Quinn-Maybach :-)


Feb. 14th 08:33 PM 2011
happy val


Jan. 2nd 01:10 PM 2011
happy new yr..


Jan. 2nd 01:08 PM 2011
happy new yr..


Sep. 15th 06:38 PM 2010
Wassup...how was your day?....being reading through your jokes...its funny...and some how inspiring...love to know you better...ve a lovely evening....enjoy....


Sep. 2nd 12:39 PM 2010
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Hello Sir 14!

Aug. 9th 08:41 PM 2010
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