Feb. 18th 11:01 AM 2013
Long time no see, we moved to another house the past months , still not done yet.Hows all with ur kids and grandkids? here all is ok. we survive a bad economy and try to get trough a cold winter .take care Alwine


Dec. 15th 04:53 PM 2012
thank you too


Dec. 15th 04:53 PM 2012
am also fine, what are your preparation for the xmas??


Dec. 4th 02:24 PM 2012
How are you doing, great I believe...just pop in to say hi, have a great time and be good.


Aug. 19th 10:00 PM 2012
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Jun. 22nd 05:33 PM 2012
to, missing my mamagina so much. How do catch on the net, when are you going to be free. A sexy kiss for you


Jun. 20th 07:46 PM 2012
tnx dear

Hi dear!

May. 28th 05:26 PM 2012
How are u doing? I just come around to now how u are b/cos it has been long we talked

The lady..

May. 24th 03:05 PM 2012
is so ready for a nice walk...... thanks for always remembering me. My kisses.

so sweet

May. 24th 03:04 PM 2012
Is the iced cream in its comb with chocolate and the berries. So nice, thanks alot. Love you.