My Jollow rice eeh

Jul. 5th 05:18 PM 2011
Hw u dey do 2day oooo?


Jul. 1st 10:24 AM 2011
hw u my frnd


Jun. 23rd 07:55 PM 2011
U are always welcome..!

my sweet lolo.Where re U? Muahhhh!

Jun. 18th 12:47 AM 2011
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Jun. 17th 04:19 AM 2011
Yes, I do live in Texas.


Jun. 12th 12:29 PM 2011

Maaaaamaaaaa G!!!!!!

Jun. 11th 09:57 AM 2011
Thank God for NP mobile oooo!!!! i can say muuuuuaaaaahhhh to u oooooooo!!!!

kolo queen

Jun. 7th 12:01 PM 2011
howdy partner, how di bodi?

Long time no see

Jun. 5th 10:40 PM 2011
Greetings to you my number one pal of all my pals. Longest of time we did chat. Create a time and day so that we can chat as i have alot to shear with you at the moment.

Madam Eleweukwu

Jun. 4th 10:13 AM 2011
baby hw far...? kee ije gi?