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Apr. 7th 08:37 AM 2019
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Oct. 3rd 08:11 AM 2011
it's been a long time man,what's keeping you too busy? i miss you honestly

Lolll... Thanx Brotha

May. 22nd 10:33 AM 2011
Wish yu a Great Weekend and a Happy Week 2 Follow

We dey My Brotha

Mar. 29th 04:12 PM 2011
Long time... Wish yu a Great Week


Mar. 2nd 03:11 PM 2011
how are u moses, and how is malaysia now hope fine taks 4 aspt,my no 919873963372


Nov. 19th 03:34 PM 2010
yello boy, how you de?


Oct. 25th 05:47 PM 2010
u still dey abuse me again


Oct. 25th 01:48 PM 2010
d tin done ginger u kom my profile baa...........


Oct. 25th 01:48 PM 2010
d tin done ginger u to kom my profile baa...........

It's All Good Man

Jul. 30th 02:19 PM 2010
Take of Biz, it's necessary... l dey... Things are moving Nicely