Nov. 1st 12:12 AM 2012
ur day,cheers,and have a blast

welcome to a new week

Oct. 29th 10:16 AM 2012
yea happy new week

weekend greetings

Oct. 27th 02:49 PM 2012
hope u are cool


Oct. 24th 09:47 PM 2012
What the heck are u unloading...

I dey fine ooo

Oct. 22nd 11:00 AM 2012
hope u had a nice weekend


Oct. 20th 04:53 PM 2012
I see you ooo.....you no fit great abi?


Oct. 14th 02:18 PM 2012
THANK U.....am doing the same


Oct. 14th 01:49 PM 2012
Tell him to pay allowee

omalicha nwa

Oct. 14th 08:09 AM 2012
D smile waznt little at all oo..i just had to look at ur pretty smilin face...lol..pls since u r at aso palace..i need u to pass on a msg to Goodluck..wil u?


Oct. 6th 10:11 PM 2012