Happy new year love

Jan. 3rd 05:30 AM 2013
hope you are fine?

Babie i missed u much

Jan. 1st 05:57 PM 2013
Thank Jah we made it together honey.i pray his promise for ur life shall come to pass.amen


Dec. 29th 08:54 AM 2012
Season greetings

Missed u babie

Dec. 25th 09:21 PM 2012
Merry xmas dear nd wishing u happy new yr in advance.i pray we witness more of it in peace nd not in pieces(amen)cheers


Dec. 25th 05:58 PM 2012

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Hey sweetheart.....

Dec. 15th 07:41 AM 2012
How v u been?It's bn a while, hope u doing gud...Just checking on U

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My runaway darling nkem!

Dec. 14th 05:56 PM 2012
How life my sweethrt?

hi babe

Nov. 23rd 05:33 PM 2012
I just come do what I've got to do,check on you and remind you that you still one of ma favorites...

hi angel

Nov. 19th 02:03 PM 2012
hw are u 2 day

Hmm love love all dis love quote

Nov. 18th 01:24 PM 2012
Am in love ooooooo lolssss.happy Sunday honey