May. 13th 02:14 PM 2013
I no hold charm will always be men.....always willing to try their 'luck' u dey?


May. 11th 07:07 PM 2013
How far with you?


Apr. 3rd 02:04 AM 2013
thank u

Kingmore nwanne! udo na achikwa na my side

Mar. 27th 12:38 AM 2013
anogidere afurozigi anya?ona agakwa nke oma? otekwala aka! i hope u v come to stay this time or ikacholu ime vuuuum?


Mar. 10th 09:08 PM 2013
I visited ur kingdom, yor servants hauled me out hahaha, i guess king appre Lancaster no dey yor vip list fo yor bday party, dem no even respect ma crown n ma seriously gold plaited american jiujutsu platform aka my shoe, with carefully selected matching outfits..made in china..chai hahahahahaha. well merry merry goodies to yu o ma guy. i swear nufin do ur star at all, i dey wish yu well sharperly. may ur foes stand corrected, or else from one thru their seventh generation goin into d abyss fo shizzy fo sure.

Happy stupendous Birthday to yu ma niggah.

I catch u!

Jan. 15th 08:13 PM 2013
Lols complement! Wishing u all d best in this new yr.cheers

King!! na me king lancaster dey salute yu sharply o

Jan. 4th 12:34 AM 2013
Happy new yr to yu ma guy. I swear, appre dey hail yu stupendously. May 2013 b awesome nd extremely generous to yu, your family, your luv ones nd your friends. Your mark shall b made nd speak volume dis yr. The lord shall b cheerful to yu, He shall b consistent in His favors to yu. yu shall not die, yu shall see d goodness of d lord. He, d lord, shall b your fulfiller. Amen!! Again, I pray, in 2013, Every evil gathering against your family, b scattered !! Every power working against your achievement in 2013, b disgraced! Let every spirit of pharaoh fall into d red sea of their own making. Let all satanic manipulation aimed at us b directed back 2 sender. May d lord enlarge our coast. I seal our victory by fire by force with da mighty blood of Jesus. Amen!! Welcum to a brand sparkling year...2013 !! Enjoy! .

Long tym sir.......

Aug. 10th 04:07 PM 2012
I hope that u are doing well....may God continue to bless u my dear friend!

Wonderful status sir....

Jun. 4th 05:25 AM 2012
keep em coming.....very informative!

Thanks for ur kindness.......

Jun. 3rd 07:04 AM 2012
Hoping all is well with u blessed!