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Give love to those who give you love, Love to those who hate you, Bless even those who curse you
Dakar, Senegal.

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I am a man who holds strong religious beliefs and values, and my faith in God guides my actions and decisions. I strive to live a life that is pleasing to Him, and I find solace and strength in my spirituality. In addition to my faith, I am known for my caring heart and kind demeanor. I genuinely care about the well-being of others and go out of my way to help those in need. Whether it's lending a listening ear, offering a helping hand, or simply showing compassion, I believe in treating others with kindness and respect. One of my favorite pastimes is taking trips to the beach. The sound of crashing waves, the warmth of the sun, and the feeling of sand between my toes bring me a sense of peace and relaxation. I enjoy soaking up the beauty of nature and finding serenity in the vastness of the ocean. Hunting is another activity that brings me joy and fulfillment. It allows me to connect with nature in a different way, to appreciate the cycle of life, and to provide sustenance for myself and others. I approach hunting with respect for the animals and the environment, always striving to be a responsible and ethical hunter. Weekend park visits are a regular part of my life, as I enjoy spending time outdoors and immersing myself in nature. Whether it's hiking through trails, having a picnic, or simply enjoying the fresh air, I find solace and rejuvenation in the beauty of parks. My lifestyle is active and adventurous, and I am always seeking new experiences and challenges. I find thrill and excitement in activities such as diving, skiing, horse riding, cycling, and leisurely walks. These activities not only keep me physically fit but also allow me to appreciate the wonders of the world and push my limits. Football is a passion of mine, and I eagerly support my favorite team. The thrill of watching a match and the camaraderie among fellow fans bring me immense joy. However, I must admit that my enthusiasm is heightened when my team is winning. When it comes to socializing, I enjoy going out and indulging in good wine with friends or a partner. I appreciate the opportunity to unwind, share laughter, and create lasting memories. However, I also find joy in hosting dinner parties and entertaining guests at home. Creating a warm and inviting atmosphere, preparing delicious meals, and engaging in meaningful conversations are all aspects that I cherish. In my search for a partner, I am looking for someone who shares my passion for adventure and spontaneity. Pretending to be someone else is unsustainable and ultimately leads to a breakdown. Life is too short to force oneself into a mold that doesn't fit; compatibility should be present from the very beginning and endure throughout. I possess an independent nature, unfazed by external circumstances, capable of standing on my own. I neither require nor desire just any admirer by my side for the sake of it. I am willing to navigate life alone until the right person enters the picture. In fact, I am contemplating joining blissful companionship next week, humorously speaking. I understand that some of my words may come across as direct and unfiltered, but in reality, I am an easygoing individual who embraces all aspects of life and its adventures. I simply have a clear understanding of what I seek in a relationship and believe that you are out there to amplify and enrich all of life's encounters. Have I perhaps startled you with my candor, or are you the one who will be my equal and partner in blissful harmony?

Ethnicity? African
Body Type? Athletic
Height? 5'09
Hair Color? Black
Eye Color? Black
Body Art? Yes
Ethnicity? African american / black
Eye Color? Black
Body Type? Athletic
Hair Color? Black
Want More Children? Yes
Smoking? Never have never will
Drinking? Never have never will
In a Social Setting, I'm? Make sure everyone has a good time, Make the best of it, Mingle with everyone
Currently Living? Alone
Religion? Christian
Attend Services? More then once a week
Tell us about your ideal first date? Our mental intelligence is everyone way of thinking and living, when we keep on ignoring the development of mental intelligence over a period of time; it has drastically negative effects on our heart and our relationships. We get controlled by ignorance, prejudices, stereotyping and labelling. This leads to provincial thinking, narcissism and paranoia; our life becoming myopic, shallow and self centred. It tarnishes the splendour of our spirit. The conscience due to consistent negligence becomes numb, then dulled and gradually it becomes silent, almost as if it is absent. We start loosing the sense of vision in our life; we stop struggling for voice; thus leading to loss of passion and objective of our life. Such people find the literature related to wisdom as fatigue, uninspiring and irrelevant. They completely lose the track of life because of the negative effects of ignoring it on the body and spirit, harming leadership skills and personal greatness. Mental intelligence is essential for development, both at the personal and clerical level.
Describe your ideal partner? I hate it when people make promises with me. It makes me so mad when they don't keep their word at all. Most of my friends are good at this one. They have done it many times to me. I wish that they would just tell me the truth in the first place. Then I wouldn't get mad at them. I have learned to never make planes with certain people at all. Its frustrating when people break there word with me. It makes me feel like that I have done something wrong.
How many sexual partners have you had? 0
Have you ever wondered "The one that got away"? Yes
Body Art? Ask me
Who is your hero? JESUS
What industry do you work in?? Manufacturing / distribution
Employment Status? Self-employed
Education? Professional student, too much to list
Annual Salary? I'm on forbes for how much $$$ i have
Am here for? Fun, Look around, Make friends, Networking, A serious relationship, Nigerian music, Discuss nigerian issues, Find a lost pal
Marital Status? Single
Have Children? No
Employment Status? Full-time
Occupation? Production / manufacturing
Education? Other
Annual Salary?
My Native Tongue Is? Igbo
My Second Language is? Aboriginal languages of australia
Political Views? Prefer not to say
Sense of Humor? Friendly
I Drive A? Sedan

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13 May 13, 02:14 PM, Africa/Lagos

I no hold charm will always be men.....always willing to try their 'luck'..... .how u dey?



11 May 13, 07:07 PM, Africa/Lagos

How far with you?



3 Apr 13, 02:04 AM, Africa/Lagos

thank u


Kingmore nwanne! udo na achikwa na my side

27 Mar 13, 12:38 AM, Africa/Lagos

anogidere afurozigi anya?ona agakwa nke oma? otekwala aka! i hope u v come to stay this time or ikacholu ime vuuuum?



10 Mar 13, 09:08 PM, Africa/Lagos

I visited ur kingdom, yor servants hauled me out hahaha, i guess king appre Lancaster no dey yor vip list fo yor bday party, dem no even respect ma crown n ma seriously gold plaited american jiujutsu platform aka my shoe, with carefully selected matching outfits..made in china..chai hahahahahaha. well merry merry goodies to yu o ma guy. i swear nufin do ur star at all, i dey wish yu well sharperly. may ur foes stand corrected, or else from one thru their seventh generation goin into d abyss fo shizzy fo sure.

Happy stupendous Birthday to yu ma niggah.


I catch u!

15 Jan 13, 08:13 PM, Africa/Lagos

Lols complement! Wishing u all d best in this new yr.cheers


King!! na me king lancaster dey salute yu sharply o

4 Jan 13, 12:34 AM, Africa/Lagos

Happy new yr to yu ma guy. I swear, appre dey hail yu stupendously. May 2013 b awesome nd extremely generous to yu, your family, your luv ones nd your friends. Your mark shall b made nd speak volume dis yr. The lord shall b cheerful to yu, He shall b consistent in His favors to yu. yu shall not die, yu shall see d goodness of d lord. He, d lord, shall b your fulfiller. Amen!! Again, I pray, in 2013, Every evil gathering against your family, b scattered !! Every power working against your achievement in 2013, b disgraced! Let every spirit of pharaoh fall into d red sea of their own making. Let all satanic manipulation aimed at us b directed back 2 sender. May d lord enlarge our coast. I seal our victory by fire by force with da mighty blood of Jesus. Amen!! Welcum to a brand sparkling year...2013 !! Enjoy! .


Long tym sir.......

10 Aug 12, 04:07 PM, Africa/Lagos

I hope that u are doing well....may God continue to bless u my dear friend!


Wonderful status sir....

4 Jun 12, 05:25 AM, Africa/Lagos

keep em coming.....very informative!

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