Mar. 8th 11:09 PM 2011
I rep my state all day...Edo state is where am frm and I rule the city. am the real tin round
though my city is full of tough scared of nor

hey bro...

Feb. 22nd 07:46 PM 2010
this weather sure stinks huh? peace n harmony

Welcme back King

Feb. 19th 10:07 AM 2010
All them bitches bn askin afta u...yur game they hv bn
hope u still livin it?

Hey thanx Brotha

Feb. 16th 07:00 PM 2010
Nice to see yu Around... Hope yu're doing real Great... Have all the Best man

bigger man

Jul. 19th 11:59 AM 2009
u aint comin back to dis site?

I feel u man

Jun. 28th 08:50 AM 2009
ma end is damn gud
am jus preparin 4 church to giv Jah thnks

Bigga boss

Jun. 27th 06:29 AM 2009
wats poppin at yur end? Hardly cn any1 find u these days..
Hpe u kool?

I c u

Jun. 7th 03:28 AM 2009
ok dude...u knw i got d bitch#s lockdown all time,,,am comin to party like to hear frm u..hv fun man

Hey Brotha

Jun. 6th 05:17 PM 2009
Here to Wish yu a Very Wonderful Day Man

Wouldn't mind getting Crunk Wiv ya and the Chickz... :-)


oh real?

Jun. 6th 03:31 PM 2009
Happy burfday then. x