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Just 2 Eeeaaassy

Guess you have 2 absent from 9japals 2 know how u miss some good ppls...if you know are among the good one hola back cos
Washington DC, United States.

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Let who has not sinned throw the first stone

Ama focused individual who'll avoid hurting another fellow unnecessarily, but would protect ma territory with tha last drop of ma blood. I've been described as "who has been arround, still staying around, kinda been there, done that, still there but has stop doing that. a conscientious gentleman who would go out of his way not to only keep u, but will leave u if its makes u happy". it is important to me to keep ma groove on. ma groove comes 1st if it makes u smile. Much as I luv fun, responsibility comes 1st. Would'nt mind 2 roll with like minded 1s. Pls don't hala @ me if U can't keep it real with me.

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8 Mar 11, 11:09 PM, Africa/Lagos

I rep my state all day...Edo state is where am frm and I rule the city. am the real tin round here...lol
though my city is full of tough guys...am scared of nor


hey bro...

22 Feb 10, 07:46 PM, Africa/Lagos

this weather sure stinks huh? peace n harmony


Welcme back King

19 Feb 10, 10:07 AM, Africa/Lagos

All them bitches bn askin afta u...yur game they hv bn missin..lol
hope u still livin it?


Hey thanx Brotha

16 Feb 10, 07:00 PM, Africa/Lagos

Nice to see yu Around... Hope yu're doing real Great... Have all the Best man


bigger man

19 Jul 09, 11:59 AM, Africa/Lagos

u aint comin back to dis site?


I feel u man

28 Jun 09, 08:50 AM, Africa/Lagos

ma end is damn gud
am jus preparin 4 church to giv Jah thnks


Bigga boss

27 Jun 09, 06:29 AM, Africa/Lagos

wats poppin at yur end? Hardly cn any1 find u these days..
Hpe u kool?


I c u

7 Jun 09, 03:28 AM, Africa/Lagos

ok dude...u knw i got d bitch#s lockdown all time,,,am comin to party like Diddy...lol...9ice to hear frm u..hv fun man


Hey Brotha

6 Jun 09, 05:17 PM, Africa/Lagos

Here to Wish yu a Very Wonderful Day Man

Wouldn't mind getting Crunk Wiv ya and the Chickz... :-)



oh real?

6 Jun 09, 03:31 PM, Africa/Lagos

Happy burfday then. x

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