Jan. 13th 09:20 PM 2010
kiss who, ur girlfriends

nothing ooooooooo i just dey

Jan. 13th 08:10 PM 2010
hope u are having a nice time too?


Jan. 12th 10:07 PM 2010
I am cool and silent nothin do us.infact gbogbo aye, how urs


Jan. 11th 08:15 PM 2010
U Look Good n i like ur way!


Jan. 11th 07:53 PM 2010
thank god


Jan. 11th 06:08 PM 2010
keep on searching


Jan. 11th 05:46 PM 2010
you know get girlfriend,tell am make she teach you how to kiss ok

the pit

Jan. 7th 06:52 PM 2010
At some point in life, we all will find ourselves in some kind of pit, the darkness settling around us like a paralyzing blanket of hopelessness. That deep, dark pit may have many names, but easily becomes a prison from which escape seems impossible. The journey out of that pit is a process of steps uniquely planned by your Father.

my professor where u at?

Jan. 6th 09:11 PM 2010
just checking on u ni.have a nice day

u are sooooooooooo funny

Jan. 2nd 04:40 PM 2010
u dey give me hard time this new year oooooooooooooooo. but thanks for reminding me about my status sha it never crossed my mind. but am glad u told me HAPPY NEW YEAR