Sup Sweetheart..

Sep. 25th 01:47 PM 2010
Yhh its been a while..How u doing ??Wats gud.

WhAtHs Up?

Mar. 22nd 08:19 PM 2010
it been a long! hw r u n hw is life, hp cool? just 2say Hello!!!


Mar. 18th 12:25 PM 2010


Feb. 24th 04:33 PM 2010
thank u very much i really appreciate it


Feb. 23rd 06:00 PM 2010
Long! Long! u dey? Can u give ur e-mail adress

i looked 4 u ever where now me no see u

Feb. 18th 05:42 AM 2010
so hope u enjoyed ur self to the fullest?

yes i didputu in prayers though

Feb. 10th 08:50 PM 2010
divine favour of God to be upon u.hope u are catching ur fun to?


Feb. 10th 11:54 AM 2010
i guess u are right though. but i dont really get what u ar sayin u fit show me the experinment ur self then i follow u in other to do it perfect u get?lol

@status, all ma prayers 4 today goes to u

Feb. 9th 07:44 PM 2010
and ur prayers re ans in Jesus name,,Amenn

loool sweetness,

Feb. 9th 07:28 PM 2010
dnt mind dem oo..ahhaha dunno y buh it seems dey really wana b like me buh dey just cant dats y dey creating profiles wit ma name and pics..well hissss who care?? me?? nt at all oo..cox am cool wif every1 here and beside i cum here once a month so dey gonna fail if dey rilly seeking 4 ma tho d person is a fool cox i knw whos doing dt.. well lets 4get abt re u doing?? wana b ma val?? .lol jk