nice shit

Aug. 13th 05:11 PM 2009
whats up girl dream to fly high cos the best way to conker the fear of flying is to keep on flying hooop......

thank you so much laura, i appreciate dear

Aug. 13th 04:54 PM 2009
how long have you been living in italy? i would love to know more about this country soon, lol


wats up?

Aug. 10th 06:50 PM 2009
hey gal wats up?


Aug. 8th 10:32 AM 2009
I dnt tink u need lite 2 illuminate ur room wit those bright legs. Seems u r abt 2 set those cloths on fire wit those hot legs. There are so HOT. ouch

thank you ninn

Aug. 5th 04:21 PM 2009
this graphic is so awesome, and looking real nice on my page. my favorite color is red.. i do appreciate

hello pretty lady!!!

Aug. 3rd 04:08 PM 2009
thank you so much for this very beautiful graphic. i love it so much. stay sweet dear, and have a very good day


Aug. 1st 09:48 AM 2009
hi laura leo i miss you. call me on this no 07087320347

i love that

Jul. 27th 03:39 PM 2009
sorry i wasn't there when u gave the kisses....i have received it through westen union.....

LUV that....AM OK

Jul. 27th 08:14 AM 2009
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how are u Dear friend

Jul. 20th 08:36 AM 2009
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