Longest time Sis...

Oct. 4th 01:40 PM 2013
Waaoooo, how u been doingt? Check ur msg.

[email protected]

Aug. 24th 01:24 AM 2013
Please help to vote my sister as the miss naija 2013. To vote just log into www.missnaija.nl click on THE WINNERS, then scroll down the arrow where the list of the contestants are contained and select KATHERINE, then click on VOTE. God almight will bless u as u do. Thankssss alottttttttttt.

hi nin

Apr. 2nd 11:19 AM 2013
sweety, how are u tuday?

Jus Peeping

Mar. 25th 12:29 PM 2013
Have a Nice Day


Mar. 21st 09:31 AM 2013
how u doing?it's been awhile/hope cool?


Feb. 22nd 06:25 PM 2013
Hi beloved hope your day was blessed


Oct. 31st 08:26 AM 2012
Queen, u are good to go


Oct. 22nd 10:54 AM 2012
u are preety


Sep. 6th 08:28 PM 2012
i really appr8 ur comment....takie dear


Aug. 19th 10:55 PM 2012
Thanks alot....wish da same.luv