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adebayo samuel (sirmyklevton)

: It is a nice welcome from my side. Love is art, but to be loved, in most cases, science fiction. Therefore, anyone who knows how to honestly love artist love this beautiful area. Not everyone loves to put even fewer of those who really love
Location: dakar, Senegal
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KINGS (nnamking)

Location: liverpool, United Kingdom
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christine (kanechristine)

: how do i fill the generic questionnaire.because i keep on clicking the edit profile button but the questionnaire is not working...anybody help?thank u..
Location: Puerto Princesa City, Philippines
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olumide olaniyan (rideon4)

: BE DIFFERENT IN A GOOD WAY Would you like to get a leg up on life? Then be reliable in an unreliable world. Be truthful in a world in which dishonesty is all too easy and all too common. Be authentic in a world that is weary of people prete
Location: abuja, Nigeria
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King Samuel O Dguy (Dguy)

: Not encouraging looking down at anyone but always learn the attitude of gratitude instead of grunting and complain - that one helps no one!
Location: England, United kingdom
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