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Never take someone for granted.

Never take someone for granted. Hold every person close to your heart because you might wake up one day and realize that you've lost a diamond while you were too busy collecting stones

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Hello Beautiful

21 Sep 12, 05:10 AM, Africa/Lagos

,.................... ....... Had something i want to tell u before but ya pretty face on ya profile pic distracted me and made me forgot what i had in mind to say..:) Maybe some other time hun


hi babe

20 Apr 12, 11:35 AM, Africa/Lagos

Orkut Myspace I miss u Comments & Graphics


happy birthday

23 Mar 12, 04:15 PM, Africa/Lagos

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happy birthday

14 Mar 12, 10:26 AM, Africa/Lagos

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19 Aug 11, 03:50 PM, Africa/Lagos

Thanks Miss C, pls share the tracks wiv ur friends and invite ur friend to add me as well. Pretty new to this.



8 Aug 11, 04:50 PM, Africa/Lagos

God's handwriting.......... ....beauty can not be seperated fromyou



30 May 11, 01:05 PM, Africa/Lagos

hi sexy



22 Apr 11, 07:19 PM, Africa/Lagos

Many a days man has got dreams to share worth a life time. but; its just too conspectus that i have you to love and share the big dreams i have. distance in this arc has no effect on these words i usher you because for real baby; i love you and thats a good attemept i can make this time cause man has got to be real in choosing a life and a half. you are going to get married to me and i mean it even if i don't remember to tell you about this, just send me a message cause even if you get married without me, i will be counting you as a wife of mine in life's journey to come........



15 Apr 11, 05:24 PM, Africa/Lagos

nice profile pics


Cham' ' ' the charmer.

29 Mar 11, 03:34 PM, Africa/Lagos

A friend is one with a big heart towards his counter parts, who want to know your every day' challenges and favors. he would create a bridge to link you in distinct strategies and fill your heart with motivations and calm you with sweet talks and a lot more. if you are in need its clear and concise that the friend is the first person to get the storm and you probably look up to him for help cause you are his hand mate. I got this poetic phrases and clauses from my youth and i am just tipping them to you as a friend cause i think this is an Orientation.
All I want to say is that, when you get any big jaundice or or Prejudice around you tell me. when you get a victory in any case tell me. when there's something you want to tell somebody about, just notify me. and I will create a room.should in case you want a free flow of tears and you are already doing the crying, call me and i will share with you.
From my stable.,,.,. it is good night baby..............

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