[email protected]

Oct. 5th 12:30 PM 2016
' [email protected] ' It' s my pleasure to mail you today,please try to write me back here on my email I.D or you drop your EMAIL so that i can get back to you through your EMAIL. Miss Stephanie .


Jun. 20th 12:10 AM 2015
hi let skype my id is edensteve93

Another thing

Dec. 6th 09:22 AM 2012
You'll soon get to know that Nigerians, north to south, christians and muslims and others, are real religious fanatics. Never even try going there;you'll only recieve insults.

I just read your comments on your profile. Haha!

Dec. 6th 09:06 AM 2012
You dey vex o! Mek your blood no hot. Na so e dey happen for Naija. You gas learn how to take in some shit. If you do Naija man, him go do you back. I actually think all these nonesense in the confession help make naijapals more fun, although it's immature. Got to try to be tolerant. Never insult a Nigerian or make him feel he needs your help. Never try to tell a Nigerian you're his saving grace or his angel from above as you are doing here. You'll only recieve insults. Anyway shah, try enjoy your stay for Naija. You no go regret am!


Dec. 6th 08:44 AM 2012
Your status is funny! Thats Nigeria for you. You seem really serious about Nigeria. Ha! Welcome! You will really need to learn to understand the Nigerian pidging because na that one be the main language wey almost everybody dey code! Welcome to Nigeria. Hahahahaha! Try visiting the three major regions: east, west and the vast north. You'll love the really African and intelligent Yorubas in the west, The 'enteprising' and creative Igbos in the east and the hospitable and freespirited Hausas in the north. You'll love the changing savanna from the thick forests of the guinea in the south to the plain and hot sahel and desert in the middle belt and north. Plateau state is one of the coldest states in Nigeria. As a white person, you'll love that place.

I was banned from the hypocritcal Confessional Advisors lol

Nov. 25th 04:52 PM 2012
So as you can see from the script below this is the kind of intolerrance I have experienced on Niajapals. Ignorant Nigerian youth. Albeit there were several very open minded kind and person I have met here so not all is lost. Sorry but I just got intolerant with their high and mighty ways. Its usually the same ones over and over critcizing and insulting. I had to give them a taste of their own medicine.

The Confession:
I need a Nigerian man. U guy's are so difficult and so ***** ed up but i still love to be with one. I love you people and i really like to have a Nigerian as my husband but u most be 41 or 45 please i'm tired of the young fools. Now who wants to be my African prince or warrior. My chaka zulu ???

i knw say e knw go pass dat jonizie15 go post this thing...
by ikyeez9 on Saturday, November 24th 2012, 3:13 PM
u real gat issues going on with. if u cnt bear with the pple on NP u cld as well f/out

a wetin niger dude wan to take ashhhhhawo like u do self,ececpt na thos suegbe,thos that live under by bigdad95 on Saturday, November 24th 2012, 3:55 PM
back to u @coffe,u are retarted prostitiud and an animal in human skin,and u even need old cargo like u,comon gerauuuuuuuuuuut b4 i take ma long thing bulala ya yass

u by christianity on Saturday, November 24th 2012, 4:13 PM
must be a ''tonta''for refering to anyone here as a fool.as for ur requirement,i will say dat u will meet ur match. tonta

FYI - ahhh why bother falls on deaf ears.
by Jonezie15 on Saturday, November 24th 2012, 5:27 PM
may you youth all suffer the consequences of your actions. you act as fools. you can dish it out but cant take it. people want to help but you are to ignorant to trust a soul. even one who hides nothing from you. GOD will only save those who will save them selves through the gifts he provides. I was one of those gifts. Ignorance is bliss. Have a blissful life. Reaching you is like squeezing water from a stone. I will stay well informed with those that use the brain GOD gave them. I give up on you all here on 9ja pals. you are a hateful bunch of people. the world is right to feel the way they do about you. and trust me they all do even your own. Ask Goodluck to save you all now. Let me know how that goes. In the meantime I will help 9ja's people who wish to be helped. You are all a**holes with no life. its been my pleasure to insult you as you insult others. Peace out worthless pieces of s**t! Ive had enough of your intolerance and you cant even spell proper english. And this is not directed at any of you who have half a brain to know better. For you who are worthy of kindness and intelligence. inbox me. You actually took the time to get to know me and teach me a few things. As for the rest of you.. may you be cursed with typhoid and malaria. no more nets from me. I hope you suffer from STD's and lack of blackberry and brazilian hair. And you all know I know what Im talking about. I will hand deliver my gifts to those in need my next trip and make sure they go to someone worthy of receiving. and as far as financial aid goes...you can count your ignorant arses out of that too. Stay blessed fools. For GOD sent you and angel and you done pissed her off for the last time. NEXT!

crazy [email protected] jonizie15....
by ikyeez9 on Saturday, November 24th 2012, 6:22 PM
u beta get a reasonable life b4 itz 2 late.hoplez b****

by Bellablue on Saturday, November 24th 2012, 6:51 PM
your problem...

by christianity on Saturday, November 24th 2012, 7:02 PM
u will be barred from this forum,and beliv me u,''hija de grand prostituta,y idiota mas grande del mundo mundial.tonta

interested by jango56 on Saturday, November 24th 2012, 11:30 PM
It is obvious this site meanly for youth,so I think the age that u mention u can't realy fine it here,I like your college and understanding toward africans,I got attracted to wise word towards that,so really interested in u,add me up on my BB 2A524E79 my no 08066878376

by Jonezie15 on Sunday, November 25th 2012, 3:45 PM
I was not the confessors. I simply made a comment on it and you all couldnt handle my compliments or my knowledge of your culture. instead you accuse me without even comprehending what i wrote. I've been studying Nigeria extensively for 3 years now. government, culture, ecomonics, infrastructure, poverty, etc...had dreams of helping the less fortunate. and for your information I do not look for love online cuz I am already married to a Nigerian. Granted we are still waiting on HLS to approve the i-130 VISA. You all have no idea of the help you just pissed off and cut off from you. Medical assistance to pay the doctor, mosquito nets, school fees, food, rent etc... I have helped many already. You just will never know. Im sure you must be the children of the rich or better off. You need for nothing. I shared my profile openly so you could see for yourself. You all seem to be hate mongers. I was simply trying to understand and wait for the appropriate person whose cries I could help remedy. Oko mi tells me you are a lost generation and to stop caring. But for some reason I have trouble with this. I also did not plaster this on my profile due to yahoo boys activity that would prey on my generosity. No more...Im taking the advice of your elders and letting you all fend for yourselves. The angel of Mercy has left your building and will let you all sink on your own. I chose Nigeira cuz no one helps Nigeria. Only kenya, Ghana, and Tansania. I see now there is a reason for that beyond political corruption.

Ok. But

Nov. 24th 04:46 PM 2012
Hope say you no go ves if i talk say you get small wahala ba! You dey serious o! Sho!

my dear

Nov. 16th 11:32 AM 2012
dnt mind some nigerias.they dnt appreciate anything that comes frm their country.


Oct. 22nd 04:09 PM 2012
How are doing today?