Jun. 15th 09:02 PM 2016


Jun. 15th 11:23 AM 2016
Hello pretty, how are u doing? I will like to know u better if u don't mind

just in case u didn't get my mail and frnd request

Apr. 8th 08:31 PM 2016
Would be able to get me involve with genuine easy business line? Cus I had been involve with two online marketing business one is basically generating traffic to the site by inviting and earn points am waiting to hit the pick point of 300 dollars before I can know if they pay for real . The link is try it to see and the other is network market that u had to register with between 5k to 50 then get minimum 3 person to register under you and those one get others then u earn your balance and further interest as the chain keeps going. is the site for this. Let me know about yours thanks Nat


Feb. 5th 04:03 PM 2015
thanks for accepting me. shalom