Dec. 2nd 12:38 PM 2011
watz up abusite

have been

May. 13th 02:59 PM 2011
buzy alot


Apr. 10th 11:46 PM 2011
yea i just got married honey moon. that why am not on line for a long time thanx alot how are u doing too. Cheer.


Nov. 20th 05:28 PM 2010
love ur flavour

cutcy calz

Nov. 20th 05:06 PM 2010
tosin watz up u are chilling i guess missin u big time dis is my new no 08168409987 keep it up the sky is ur limit brother

U go fear abusite

Apr. 3rd 10:42 AM 2010
Guy what's up how com u b skull u com get big head

Jealousi go quanshi

Dec. 16th 11:56 AM 2009
bcos u don toss me i no gree na e don turn 2 curse n deliverance. na who wan try me?


Sep. 7th 12:38 PM 2009
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Sep. 4th 10:56 AM 2009
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Aug. 28th 01:28 PM 2009
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