Happy Birthday in Advance

Jul. 6th 10:51 AM 2011


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hey musician

Feb. 9th 12:05 PM 2011
fire me better album now im lonely now


Jan. 9th 09:06 AM 2011

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Dec. 4th 12:35 AM 2010
God bless uuuu


Nov. 17th 06:42 PM 2010
hi how far

hi man

Sep. 15th 05:05 PM 2010
Guy we are in the game together one love and God bless.


Sep. 13th 10:32 PM 2010
i love to share with you but i need to u more.

Tanx 4 da add.

Sep. 8th 08:58 AM 2010
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hey guy

Sep. 3rd 09:52 AM 2010
are u a raggae man?


Sep. 2nd 09:50 AM 2010
Thx for d friend request ;)

Hope everytin is well....