Bellaberlinda want to share Jesus marriage with Mary Madgalena

Mar. 30th 10:17 AM 2020
Bellaberlinda was talking to us that Jesus was married to Mary Madgalena and that Satan was married too. Toke was telling us if we read the Gospel of Peter, the Gospel of Judas and the Gospel of Mary Madgalena, they all talk about the sex life of Jesus. She said read St John 2 Jesus marriage at Cana.


Mar. 30th 09:38 AM 2015
we need to show some respect in all we do,show regards have respect for God n not this way it does not look good.


Jan. 23rd 06:29 PM 2013
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Aug. 6th 11:32 PM 2011
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Feb. 5th 02:13 PM 2011
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