happy birthday

Apr. 10th 10:28 AM 2012
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Mar. 20th 10:47 AM 2012
Attimes in my lonely times i don't just think of wat life has to offer bt wat i can offer. Bt............ D only thing that springs forth is were is d support dat i need to stand...

learn the act of keeing friends

Nov. 26th 03:39 PM 2011
It is one thing to make friends, it is another to keep them. Keeping friendships is a task most people are afraid of. Growing in lf entails lerning to keep the friends you meet along life's journey. Have a great day, dear.

success has no particular formula

Oct. 24th 02:04 PM 2011
Most people would want you to beleive that success has a particuler formula. this is not true becos what works 4 u may not work for me. And success is simply a function of set targets and goals in life. my interest may be having as many property assets as possible while the other person may be set towards flashy or rugged cars or maintaining babes of different kinds.
Dear, just maintain your tract as we all run the race of life. So far i appreciate your position.
Do have a swell time.


Aug. 3rd 09:09 AM 2011


Jan. 21st 11:20 AM 2011

thnx my babe

Oct. 27th 05:42 PM 2010
ur de best c*ndy F,,,,,,d


Oct. 7th 11:22 AM 2010
Tnx for the confirmation, have a wonderful day

best advicer

Sep. 25th 03:53 PM 2010
the best person to advice one is one's self


Sep. 23rd 12:10 AM 2010
my dear stay blessed and be nice to all let me read from you please