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I'm a fun loving person, who likes to make new friends, I like to show Love and Care, and i expect the same, i like people who are truthful, honest, caring and nice to be with. I hate people who are full of pride, who are not truthful, fake, lazy and always sad. Am quite sociable and fun-loving. You can reach me on +2348074586601, +23407068535208

60 Things You Didn't Know About Me
1) Are you bored?if u make me, I will be
2) What day is today?Today is the day after yesterday, the day before tomorrow
3) Are you happy?always happy
4) Do you have a lot of friends?Yes
5) Are you close with them?Sometimes
6) Who do you tell everything toMy Almighty Creator who love me, i tell him in prayers
7) Is that person your best friend?YES!!
8) Does your best friend call you their best friendYES!!
9) Does your best friend have other best friends?Yes
10) Do you ever fight with your best friend?No and Never
11) Does your best friend know everything about you?YES and even the extra not known by anyone
12) Do you know everything about your best friend?No not all but am getting to Know Him better by the day
13) Are your friends jealous of your best friend?Yes though a few of them
14) Do you have a boyfriend/girlfriend?yes before and no for now (girlfriend)
15) Do you have sex with that person?No, was about to before something happened
16) Are you close with your boyfriend/girlfriend?Yes i was close to her
17) Do you want kids?Yes for sure
18) Do you miss being a kid?sometimes but i wish i could switch between a kid and an adult
19) Who was the last person to call you?Anyone who calls before you are reading this question
20) Who was the last person to text you?It was the Last person who texd me before u read this question
21) Who was the last person to comment on your myspace page?I don't have a myspace page
22) Do you have facebook?yes
23) Who was the last person to write on your facebook wall?i have forgotten cos i don't use it often
24) Which do you like better facebook or myspace?none i like naijapals and naijahommies
25) Have you ever cheated?yes, though not much as u think
26) Have you ever been cheated on?yes
27) Would you ever cheat?no
28) Do you have any tattoos?no but may have later
29) Do you have any piercings?noooo
30) Do you have any regrets?yes, do u want to know
31) What are you wearing?I am wearing what am wearing
32) Do you have plans for the weekend?yes but when the weekends come
33) will you be with your friends this weekend?maybe
34) When was the last time you were drunki have never been drunk
35) Do you ever lie?yes i have lied but it was a small one
36) Do you enjoy sex?I have not have one, but i will enjoy it when it's time
37) How often do you have sex?I said I have not had sex
38) What was the last movie you watched?Hmmmmm, I have forgotten
39) Who was the last person to email you?Wait lemme check my yahoo inbox
40) Is that person a close friend?I said lemme check it first
41) Would that person do anything to hurt you?Don't you hear I said let me check my inbox, just wait a bit
42) Does that person know a lot about you?Ohhhhh I am tired of you ooo
43) Who was the last person you talked to?Do u love the person, anyway let me talk to someone first
44) What did you sayWait I have not talked to the person
45) Do you wish you were somewhere else?Yes oooo
46) Are you a nice person?Hmmm Very very nice like 9ce
47) Do people like you?Yes, though u know in life there must be haters
48) Do you have friends from out of state?Yes
49) Where do they live?Anywhere I find myself
50) Do you have friends from out of the country?Yes
51) Have you ever been out of the country? and if yes where?My village, am coming let me ask my brother whats the name of the place
52) Where would you like to go?Anywhere My Almighty Creator wants me to go
53) What song are you listening to?How would u know if am lieing, i might not be listening to any song
54) Are you getting bored of this survey?Yes somehow, just don't make it long next time,
55) Are you close with your parents?Yes
56) What's your favorite thing to eatIt's your favourite thing
57) Whats the thing that you hate the most to eat?It's what u hate most (but really I hate Indomie)
58) Do you think anyone will do this survey?Hmmm, Maybe I don't know their mind, but if u want an answer YES
59) Do you think 60 questions is too many to answer?Yes make it short or else, I will .........
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4 Apr 12, 11:15 PM, Africa/Lagos

i saw ye foot steps hehe..


Fight back

28 Mar 12, 09:53 PM, Africa/Lagos

1 punch 10 die try and see


since when

23 Aug 11, 11:48 PM, Africa/Lagos

did i become ur best pal...lmao...just playing anyways where have u been and what has been going on with u and how is school


Aww, bro nothing do u, u highly

23 Aug 11, 11:22 AM, Africa/Lagos

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willo willo,hw far guy?

17 Jul 11, 02:05 PM, Africa/Lagos

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18 May 11, 04:05 PM, Africa/Lagos




2 May 11, 01:24 PM, Africa/Lagos



willo my guy

27 Apr 11, 03:34 PM, Africa/Lagos

am cool and u, long time, hope all is moving..... enjoy ur day :)



14 Feb 11, 08:28 PM, Africa/Lagos

happy val..


my guy

30 Nov 10, 02:33 PM, Africa/Lagos

hw far? long time...... wetin dey happen ur side?

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