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Miss must of my old friends on whatapp and naijapals pls try and store my line right now cus I might always come online! Only d good friend pls.. Remain bless +234 706 679 0925. Cheers
lagos, Nigeria.

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the you need real love come over here

i'm a very cvaring type who don't take relationship for granted, i love poem so much.....................David and I were best friends. He was the only person who could put a smile on my face, no matter how upset I was. All the girls I knew had a crush on him and it was me he would always go looking for. It was a good feeling. I always used to think of him as, like a brother figure 'cause I loved him so much and would do anything 4 him. I couldn't imagine ever being with him though, it just wasn't an option. After a while, that began to change. I started feeling things I wish I never did. I tried to hide it... I tried to act like his "lil sista'" but it didn't work for long and it started to show. It turned out he was interested in me too, so we hooked up a few times. I knew he had 2 kids, but I thought he was broken up with the mother. It turned out that he wasn't and she found out and started causing so much trouble for me. I didn't know what to do- I was in love with him and now I was being told he was out of bounds. So I tried to stay away and it worked for awhile and then they really did break up so I was the first person there. That was a mistake. We started seeing each otha' and I have neva' been happier than the way I was at that time. I should of known that it was too good to be true because about 2 months into seeing him he started getting really funny with me. I didn't understand. One minute he says all things sweet and the next he is telling me he doesn't want anything to do with me. It tore me apart and then I found out why. He had gotten back with her, all without me knowing. I didn't know if she knew about me and was bein' spiteful or whether he was playing the both of us, but I can honestly say that the tears I have cried for him will never amount to anything. I realize he loves her but he always told me he was only with her for the kids, that she would take them away from him and, stupid me believed him. I was blinded by the love I had for him, the love I still do have for him. He was perfect in my eyes and only now are my so-called friends telling me that I wasn't the only person he was running around with at the time... that, in fact he was seeing quite a few girls, some I thought of as friends. There were so many poems on that helped me out, but Falling in Love With a Player by Lindsey Nicole Milke was probably one of the more accurate ones. I realize I did the wrong thing, knowing there was still a connection with his "ex," but I believed him when he said it was over. I was so dumb and I regret hurting her and bringing all this pain upon myself too. I stayed home for a while because every time I went out, I saw him and I knew I would get weak and let him control me again. Then, one night I wanted to go out so I went somewhere I NEVER thought he would be and he was there. He had me... hook, line and sinker and I went home with him. Then the cycle started again. I decided to move to the city 'cause then I was opening my choices up AND getting away from him. A week before I left, I went out to say goodbye to everyone and I saw him. I told him I was moving and he got really upset and said to me, "Just remember that I will always love you, no matter what anybody says." I could have died. I felt like bawling my eyes out but I stayed strong and before he could try 'n' be wit' me, I went home. I felt proud. I haven't seen him since, but there isn't a minute in any day that I don't think about him and wonder what he's doing. My friend called me up last night and told me he is broken up wit' his babies' mama and she took his clothes to his mothers house 'n' told him she is with someone else. That would be hurting him and I wish I could be there for him but the fact is, she will always be there in his life so I just can't do it to myself anymore. I love him more than anything and I guess I always will, but I need to move on. If u know there is someone else in the picture somewhere, then make sure it is over before pursuing anything more. Don't ever just be like, "Well, he said they aren't together, so they musn't be." That may be one of the biggest mistakes u will ever make.


School Level Location Years
University of South Africa/Universiteit van Suid-Afrika
Higher Education South Africa 2006-2009
Government College, Surulere Lagos
Secondary / High school Lagos 1997-2000

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hello wats up saw ur request

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