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Just be your self

Hi i love to be very nice and plane to people and i love to travel alot.Am very optimistic about life and what ever circumstanses u find yourself just give thanks to God the creator.

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28 Feb 11, 12:14 AM, Africa/Lagos



Omo happy married life ooo

28 Aug 10, 12:17 AM, Africa/Lagos

Hey man, wats up wetin dey happen how ya wedding now? whish you the best in Jesus name, Amen.


But I did love you....

6 May 10, 09:02 AM, Africa/Lagos

I did love you with the whole of my heart. I loved you so much you were my dream. Every time things got hard even though you never heard me say it...I pictured our life together to get me through...especially your smile....I got through a lot knowing in my heart you would be there at the end of it all...You can say I am reason for it all...doesn't change you had the power to go and look for someone else in your hand - I too had it but I chose to remain with you....Now, you will be married to someone else...and I have lost faith in love. You say you know I didn't love you because I choose to accept not being alone for the rest of my life...I choose to make my life easier economically - my choice to marry was not based on love....he doesn't love me and i don't love him...it is economical for us both...and keeps us from being alone....you say you are choosing a marriage based on love but you are upset because you believe I give up too easily = I've been put through the ringer too many times already...my heart is broken into pieces and it will never be whole again...you are the reason for that....



4 May 10, 07:26 AM, Africa/Lagos

Love is not loud and brash...It does not need to merely be spoken...True love is a feeling that can read in the eyes...felt in a touch...and known by a kiss...It is never proud or jealous...angry or hateful...Love is patience with much understandingIt isn't just a given, but it must be taken to be knownTrue love resides in the heart a happy home...


I'm Yours

20 Apr 10, 04:54 PM, Africa/Lagos

Well you done done me and you bet I felt itI tried to be chill but you're so hot that I meltedI fell right through the cracksNow I'm trying to get backBefore the cool done run outI'll be giving it my bestestAnd nothing's going to stop me but divine interventionI reckon it's again my turn to win some or learn someI won't hesitate no more, no moreIt cannot wait, I'm yoursWell open up your mind and see like meOpen up your plans and damn you're freeLook into your heart and you'll find love love love loveListen to the music of the moment babay sing with meI love peace for melodyAnd It's our God-forsaken right to be loved love loved love lovedSo I won't hesitate no more, no moreIt cannot wait I'm sureThere's no need to complicate Our time is shortThis is our fate, I'm yoursScooch on over closer dearAnd i will nibble your ear


I am sorry.....

20 Apr 10, 05:31 AM, Africa/Lagos

I don't know what to say...I am lost for words...please check your email. I have sent a mail to you....


Wish you were here...

16 Apr 10, 07:35 AM, Africa/Lagos

I really wish you were here now. I could use your strong shoulders and your wonderfully strong arms to hug me tight...and your lips to kiss me and tell me everything will be alright...I am just wishing we could be so much closer right now...anyway....I love you and miss you and one day I'll have you with me to do all that....til then I guess this is it...this is all we have...I love you


I'm sorry ....

15 Apr 10, 09:04 AM, Africa/Lagos

I am sorry for misbehaving and making you to be angry at me...you know I don't like to make you harsh with me....I am sorry....you are the man and you do make the decisions....you are right...please don't be harsh with me anymore...I love you and am sorry for pushing you to do that...and for making you even angrier at me for adding men to my list...I knew it would anger you...please forgive me...I love you am sorry for disrespecting you as my man...I was wrong to upset you, forgive me.


OH King...

1 Apr 10, 06:04 PM, Africa/Lagos

Oh King, where are you? I am missing my king. I have missed you so much and you are too busy....now I am busy but not as much as before. I will be soon because I am going back to school and work...but wanted to say to you how much I really really miss you. I hope to talk with you soon. I love you.....hope you loving me...


my boy

12 Mar 10, 01:42 PM, Africa/Lagos

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