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Tani Matankari (Tantano)

: U can be in ur room makin easy money,all u nid to do is to open this link below and register get ur own link and expand the network,is nt a joke,y don't u try it out at long run u will tell me thank you,do that now,is nt a joke its real oka
Location: Sokoto, Nigeria
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Oluwakemi sinota ibraheem (Kemisinota)

: I am on nija pal site so wht it my intret on any site I wish to be wht I luv might be wht u hart like d word say another
Location: London, United kingdom
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Linda Brown (loopsy)

: AMAZING LOVE - AMAZING GRACE - Is NOT to expect justice for an injustice done unto you, BUT to take the other persons w
Location: Brisbane, Australia
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