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Simple and cool. i love to be honest and love people who are honest.


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Nigerian Institute of Journalism
Higher Education Lagos 2009-2010
Lagos state polytechnic
Higher Education Lagos 2007-2010

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1 Sep 12, 01:14 PM, Africa/Lagos

thanks darlin


happy birthday

10 Apr 12, 10:53 PM, Africa/Lagos

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This is my own version (WILL BE GOING AWAY)

3 Feb 12, 09:50 AM, Africa/Lagos

Down on my knees again tonight, hoping this prayer will turn out right. I’m the child that needs your help and I've done all that I can do myself. My mother is tired, I'm sure You can understand Lord. Each night as I sleep, she comes in to hold my hands and she tries not to cry, as the tears fill her eyes.
Can you hear me? Am getting through tonight? Can you see me? Can you make me feel all right? If you can hear me, You can take my place somehow, see I’m not just anyone, I’m your child.
Sometimes late at night, she watches me sleep, she dreams of the child I'd like to be. She try to be strong and see me through. But God, who I needs right now is You. Let me grow old, live life without this fear, what would I be, living without (***) here? I’m tired and scared, let me know, You're there.
Can you hear me?.................. ..................
Can you see me?.................. ..................... ............
Please don't leave me, ………………… ………………..
I’m Your child…………… ………………. .……………… ………..



27 Jan 12, 09:31 AM, Africa/Lagos

Its no longer news that one of the longest celebrity marriages in Nigeria has came to an end, proving skeptics right that marriages of celebrities always collapse. Nollywood actress, Kate Henshaw Nuttal’s marriage with her British hubby, Roderick James Nuttal, who is the Managing Director of Ledrop Nigeria Ltd, an agency for Jack Daniels and Piper Hiedsieck Champagne, broke down due to what we learnt to be ‘irreconcilable differences.’ Investigations by sources NP revealed that the estranged lovers had been living in different apartments in Lekki, Lagos for the past few weeks before the news of the marriage collapse became public knowledge. Reliable sources revealed that their separation was due to different cases of infidelity leveled against Kate by her husband, Rod. We learnt from different sources that Kate who has a daughter, Ella for the Britton had been accused by the hubby of enjoying hot romance with some big names in the political and entertainment scenes for some years now. Some of the men that have been fingered in the relationship with the actress include the Executive Governor of Rivers State, Rotimi Amaechi, former Governor of Cross River State, Donald Duke and renowned popular comedian, Bright Okpocha popularly known as Basketmouth amongst others. Our sources disclosed that the sultry actress had been romantically linked to these notable individuals but she always defended herself that her relationship with them was purely official. According to the source, Rod reportedly overlooked his estranged wife’s affair with the governors, hoping that she was only using her star status to get multi million naira contracts. Popular comedian, Basket-mouth was also alleged to have dated Kate. We gathered that the two entertainers usually meet at some undisclosed areas all around Nigeria, enjoying each other’s company. Her involvement with Basketmouth started during one of the shows they anchored together outside Lagos. One thing led to another and they eventually became very close and started to enjoy each other’s company,” a source stated. Ayo Sonaiya, Chief Executive Officer of R70 Media in the United States, who runs a record label and artistes’ promotions outfit, was also alleged to have dated the popular actress. Our source maintained that Ayo and Kate had good times in choice hotels around the country and abroad. Our source said Kate allegedly complained regularly to her husband’s friend, Mr. Keith Richards that her husband didn’t have enough time for her, that he traveled a lot. Sources close to the duo revealed that both Kate and Rod are already talking to their lawyers to finalize the divorce papers and put an end their 12 years marriage. We also scooped that Ella, the only product of the union, is still in Kate’s custody as at today until the court rules otherwise. What’s your take?


Nigeria Entertainers Single Mum & Dad

18 Jan 12, 03:57 PM, Africa/Lagos

They are stop the list of Nigerian entertainers. By this, they’re famous, known, comfortable, and also blessed with big pocket and all these seemed to have altered their sense of matrimony as they’ve decided to live a lonely life despite their riches. Some schools of thoughts are of the opinion that, some of them are subject of daily curses from mothers of eve who have gone through harrowing experiences from their reckless adventures.
They’re also no doubt respected celebrities whose names have come to stay in the history book of successful entertainers because of their enviable profiles in the showbiz world. Regardless of this appraisal they are still single but with child/children for reasons no one can ultimately define. Enquirer’s faith Irabor peeped into the lives of some of our celebrities who are single fathers. Enjoy the compilation.
He is one of the hottest ladies men in the movie industry. The tall and ganging actor is without sentiments one of the celebrated single fathers in the showbiz circle. Chidi who’s also into selling of sex toys is still very much single despite the fact that he has what it takes to be called a husband. The Igbo born powerful dresser has a seven years old son from one of his girl friend’s whom he eventually did marry not as he’s said to have found his missing rib in one Chidi.
Peter is the twin brother of Paul of P-SQUARE fame. The dark skinned entertainer is unarguably another celebrated single father in showbiz courtesy of Lola Omotayo whom he denied until the pregnancy Story sprang up.
The Wahala Dey entertainer is regardless of the pregnancy that yielded his first son, not leg ally married to the fair skinned lady though they seem to be working towards the direction as they are said to still be in love with each other.
Fred Amata, the ex-husband of the Inside Out presenter, Agata would not have been on this list if he hadn’t impregnated the embattled erstwhile Pyramid Club owner and actress, Ibinabo Fiberesima who bored him a kid outside wedlock after leaving his legal wife. The handsome Nollywood actor cum director joined the league of single fathers when he agreed to take responsibility of another child from yet a different woman from his wife. Fred Amata who’s presently the father of the last baby of the ex-convict, Ibinabo Fiberisima is still a single father before the eyes of the public because there’s nothing legalizing him and the Miss Earth president who many also believed wrecked his marriage with Agata.

Atlanta actor, Sidi Balogun is of course on of the celebrated single fathers in showbiz. Even before he married his controversial wife. Fathia, the fair skinned actor, we gathered had fathered a child out of wedlock. The producer of award winning Modupe Temi, the first ever 2 cast movie in Africa was married until his marriage to Faithia Balogun a popular Yoruba actress crumbled two years ago. The outspoken actor, according to reliable source has moved on and is in another relationship with an Edo babe whose name is Omoh since he could not resolve the differences between him and the mother of his two kids, Khalid Aliya.
His name would not have been included on the list of Showbiz single fathers if he had married his baby mama whom he impregnated three years ago. His name is Benedict Johnson and he’s one of the middle-class actors in the movie industry.
The tall, gangling dude is as you read this still very single though he has a very beautiful baby girl who’s about three years old. The Kingdom Apart actor seems to be enjoying every bit of bachelorhood because he’s been linked on several occasions with different ladies including his name sake, Mercy Johnson who some even mistaken to be his relative during their tour last European in 2008 courtesy of Isaac Izoha, a UK based film maker.
The Contractors 1 & 2 actor, Femi Brainard is unavoidably yet another celebrated showbiz single father and this Enquirer can authoritatively disclose. The soft spoken actor who shuttles conveniently between the Yoruba and English industry courtesy of his versatility is presently a single father of two lovely kids no thanks to his crashed marriage some years ago. Femi according to close friends might be bidding bachelorhood goodbye once again and this is because he’s seen a lady that would step into the shoes of his wife.
If the latest news trailing one of Nollywood’s talented actors cum director is anything to depend on, then Igbo born lanky dude would any moment from now be settling down for real but that notwithstanding, the light skinned controversial actor is, until then going to remain a single father. Yes Earnest Obi is for now a single father though the child is a fruit from his ex-wife, so she’s his step daughter.

If there are awards or accolades for the most recklessly gifted man with the fruit of the womb, it will go to no one but him. He’s perhaps the most controversial among all the single fathers in showbiz. Multiple award winning artiste, innocent Idibia otherwise known as Tuface is yet another bachelor who has children call him daddy. He has Pero, Sumbo, and Annie Macaulay all as his babies’ mamas without marrying anyone of them. The African Queen crooner was recently said to have done a secret marriage at last though he later came out to debunk it. The defunct Hypertek boss has also been romantically linked with a lot of ladies which means he’s enjoying the game as a single father.
The name of successful showbiz personalities who are single fathers would be incomplete if the name, Wasiu Alabi Pasuma is excluded and this is an unarguable fact. Popularly called Pasuma wonder by fans, he’s yet another dude in the entertainment industry who seems to be enjoying bachelorhood and it might not be unconnected to the reason he’s single at over forty years. The ex Celebrity Takes Two dancers, is the father of four lovely children who are all based aboard though he never married any of their mothers. There are insinuations that he might never married again since he’s got four children that are doing well aboard…. Recently, one of his daughters stepped out with in an event in Lagos and it might interest you to know that, Pasuma has a 21 old year of daughter at 41.
Otherwise known as Atoise. He’s a handsome guy that any lady would wish to have as a husband but he seems not obliging them maybe due to his fame and big wallet but prefers being a single father to a married man that is why his name is on the list of showbiz single fathers. The entertainer according to those who know him by the back of their hands is not thinking marriage because of the way he’s been linked with some of his female band members as well as church members aside some society big chics. Atorise is a father of four wonderful children though not many know this about him and the children we also both lived with one of his baby mamas in Ikorodu, an outskirt of Lagos.
This is the league of ladies that are bringing up their children without a father; the single mothers
Genevieve Nnaji
It is fair to say Nnaji lost her virginity at a very young age. But then, even her worst critics can’t deny the fact that the actress hit stardom not long after. Yet, her name, fame and status as a single mother has not in any way weighed down her career. Nnaji, who has been linked with many guys – the latest being D’banj – has managed to keep her daughter off the prying eyes of the public. Nnaji has never mentioned the father of her child, but some people say her daughter is living with him in the US.
Monalisa Chinda
Not a few were stunned when fair-skinned Rivers State-born actress, Monalisa Chinda, parted ways with her husband of few years, Victor Dejo-Richards. The union produced a beautiful child, Tamar, who is obviously loved by both parents. However, Chinda has taken custody of the child since she broke up with her former husband.
Eucharia Anunobi
Popularly known as the ‘Sharon Stone’ of Nollywood, Eucharia Anunobi joined the list of single mothers when her marriage to Charles Ekwu broke down completely a few years ago. The marriage produced a son, Raymond, who is currently living with the actress. If speculations are anything to go by, Anunobi is taking care of the kid’s welfare all alone, with no help from her former beau.
Shan George
The mulatto actress is certainly not short of suitors. The lady is always in one relationship or the other. Twice married, George is still very much in love with her two boys, whom we hear school abroad.
Ibinabo Fibresima
She added to her two kids from different men, another baby that came out from her relationship with actor, Fred Amata. The ex-beauty queen and former night club owner is obviously a lover of kids and she makes motherhood look good with the way she looks at all times, especially with her kids.
Grace Amah
She is the newest member of the single mothers’ league. She is enjoying her status well. Some say the much talked about marriage to the father of her son is now a mirage, while some others believe that Amah will soon walk down the aisle with her man. In any case, her fans are waiting… and watching.
Annie Macaulay
BLACKBERRY BABE: She wouldn’t have been on the list, but some might argue she should since she is an actress. After all, Macaulay featured in some Nollywood films recently. Her role in Nollywood didn’t get her to become a celeb, but her relationship with award winning singer, Tuface Idibia, got Macaulay, not only fame, but a child, Isabella. Macaulay is yet to become Mrs. Idibia, but it is widely believed that Tubaba doesn’t joke with Macaulay’s daughter among all his children from the other women.
Lola Alao
She used to be married to an American-based dude. The marriage crashed like a pack of badly stacked cards, but not before bringing out a daughter, who is currently staying with her mother.
Bukky Wright
Even at her age, Bukky Wright is a diva. Her marriage, which produced two kids, went under but the woman came out of it looking radiant and enjoying her life as a mother and as an actress.
Omawumi Megbele
She had a whirlwind romance with her producer Dr. Frabz before their sudden split. Omawumi is a proud mother of a bouncing baby girl and the father is a Lagos big boy and the owner of the Lagos club Zamunda.



21 Dec 11, 12:04 PM, Africa/Lagos

Are you expecting? That’s what people ask a pregnant woman. There are 9 months between the conception and long-awaited birth of a child, and God did it that way on purpose. Why would He make a woman wait through 9 months of pregnancy? It might be the same reason He makes you wait from the conception of your promise and the time when it finally arrives…

Expectancy Prepares the Way for the Promise. It is the graciousness of God that a woman does not have a crying baby on her hands right after conception. Can you imagine? Whaaaaaa! Cries the baby, begging to be fed and nurtured by a woman totally unprepared. But during those 9 months, she has the time to plan what kind of mother she’ll be and rearrange her life for her unborn baby. Could it be that God has given you this waiting period to develop into the person who can handle His coming promise?

The Greatest Birth Right before Jesus came to give salvation, the world was pregnant with the hope of a Savior that God had promised thousands of years earlier. And this is what God told the people during their time of expectation:

A voice cries: “In the wilderness prepare the way of the Lord; make straight in the desert a highway for our God. Every valley shall be lifted up, and every mountain and hill be made low; the uneven ground shall become level, and the rough places a plain. And the glory of the Lord shall be revealed, and all flesh shall see it together, for the mouth of the Lord has spoken” (Isaiah 40:3-5)

What is the terrain of your heart? Mountains might be prideful areas that cause you not to see; valleys might be weaknesses you think you can’t get past. But God is working in your life to smooth out the road of your heart to receive the amazing things He has for you! “No eye has seen, no ear has heard, and no mind has imagined what God has prepared for those who love Him" (I Corinthians 2:9). Take this time He is giving you to prepare your heart for His promise—so that it will bring Him glory and you joy.

For Example Say you believe God has promised you to be very successful in business. What are you going to do with all your wealth when it comes? Hoard it, or use it to build His kingdom? You decide now how you will be and can prepare by being generous with whatever you have. Or say you are waiting for God to give you a spouse. You can decide now what kind of spouse you will be (a loving, selfless one or a selfish, brittle one) and dedicate your future marriage to the Lord. What is your example? Take a moment and think about it.

God has NOT forgotten you. Listen to what He says to you today: “God is not a man, so He does not lie. He is not human, so He does not change his mind. Has He ever spoken and failed to act? Has He ever promised and not carried it through?” (Numbers 23:19). He wants you to be well-prepared for His promise. You can use this time He has given you to prepare for the amazing future He has for you!

prayer that you will be prepared for the great promises God has for you, you will not get discouraged, but know that God WILL perform what He has promised.
I care deeply for you and your issues! I want to be a place of hope and healing for you. Respond to this if you need prayer or help! I love you but God loves you more.
Merry Christmas and a glorious new year.


Rock Me Gently To You My.....

20 Dec 11, 03:30 PM, Africa/Lagos

Ain't it good, ain't it right,
That you are with me here tonight.
Music playing' our bodies swayin' in time.
In time, in time, in time.
Touching you so warm and tender,
Lord I feel such a sweet surrender.
Beautiful is the dream that makes you mine.

Rock me gently, rock me slowly.
Take it easy don't you know,
That I have never been loved,
Like this before.

And Baby, baby, rock me gently, rock me slowly.
Take it easy, don't you know,
That I have never been loved,
Like this before.

Oh, my darling', oh, my baby,
You got the moves that drive me crazy.
And on your face I see a trace of love.
(Of love, of love, of love.)
Come hold me close, don't let me go-oh,
I need you, honey, I love you so-wo.
You were made for me by the stars above.

Short instrumental break.

Rock me gently, rock me slowly.
Take it easy don't you know,
That I have never been loved,
Like this before.

Ain't it good, ain't it right,
That you are with me here tonight.
Rock me gently, rock me slowly.
Take it easy don't you know,
That I have never been loved,
Like this before.

Baby, baby, Come and rock me.
Rock me gently, Come and rock me.
Rock me slowly.
Take it easy don't you know,
Come and rock me.
That I have never been loved,
Come and rock me.
Like this before...



16 Dec 11, 11:52 AM, Africa/Lagos

Hi guyz, how are you all preparing for xmas?


Hello compliments!!!

12 Dec 11, 09:38 PM, Africa/Lagos

how sweet r thou Words on ya profile.

Tnx 4d Add.
Dear,keep dis..

Delight thyself also in the LORD,and he shall give thee the desires of thine heart.
commit thy way unto the Lord,trust also in Him,and he shall bring it to Pass...



30 Nov 11, 03:31 PM, Africa/Lagos

I don't look good in no Armani Suits, no Gucci shoes or designer boots. I've tried the latest lines from A to Z but there's just one thing that looks good on me, the only thing I want, the only thing I need, the only thing I choose, the only thing that looks good on me...is you. I'm not satisfied with Versace style put those patent leather pants in the circular file sometimes I think I might be looking' good but there's only one thing that fits me like it should. The only thing I want, the only thing I need, the only thing I choose and the only thing that looks good on me...is you. Yeah it's you and it could only be you. Nobody else will ever do baby it's you that I stick to and we stick like glue. The only thing I want, the only thing I need, the only thing I choose and the only thing that looks good on me...is you and always you love you!!!.

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