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I' m a gentle man and i love JESUS CHRIST, He says turn to me now and be saved people all over the world, I m the only GOD, isaiah: 45 v 22, He said I’ Am the light of the world, whoever follows me will never walk in darkness, but will have the light of life John: 8 v 12. He says again there is no safety for sinners, says the LORD, isaiah: 48 v 22. CHRIST crucify on the cross because of our sins, we must repent, we must turn away from darkness and follow the light, He is the light and whoever follow Him shall inherit His kingdom of glory on the last day. He came to the world thousands of years ago and suffered for u and i with a great pains, He was crucified on the cross of calvary and sacrifice His life for you and i for our sins to be forgiven. He is coming back again and He will come on unexpected hour, whoever followed the light shall go with Him into His eternal kingdom. Brothers and sisters please ask yourself where shall i be on the last day because time is running out, so repent now for tomorrow may be too late for you, Do not like me because of this word of God, but love JESUS CHRIST for He dies for you on the cross, His word is truth and life, so repent now and receive CHRIST JESUS your SAVIOR. We are nothing but flesh and bones, turn away from your sin and follow JESUS, and remember we are on transit of journey and none had ever reach the final destination, today ask yourself question where shall it be my final destination on the last day. Brother and sisters wake up now, do not look at other people around you how they living their life, for when that day comes none of them will stand for you. Listen says JESUS, I AM coming I' will bring MY rewards with ME, to give each one according to what he has done, I' Am the first and the last, the beginning and the end, Revelation: 22 v 12 to 13. That hour will be a greatest hour eye have never seen, your earthly father and mother, brothers, sisters and friends can not stand for each other that very day. Thousands of souls are passing away every day and many dies with sin, then ask yourself where are they going to spend their eternal?, remember Heaven is real and hell is real. Time is running out, repent now for tomorrow may be too late for you, come back to CHRIST JESUS and confess your sins, make a strong covenant with Him to sin no more, our merciful Father in Heaven will forgive and forget because He is merciful, JESUS CHRIST love you so much, He was, He is and He will be forever and ever Amen. His name is, I'Am THAT I'Am, JESUS CHRIST, HE IS COMING BACK AGAIN TO JUGDE THE LIVING AND THE DEAD. DAYS OF GRACE FOR WE LIVING SOULS IS COMING TO THE END, REPENT NOW.

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27 Jan 11, 02:53 PM, Africa/Lagos

Can i be ur pal

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