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Do You Need A Powerful Spiritual With Great Spirit 08067033668 +2348067033668 07064593320 +2347064

28 Jul 16, 08:39 AM, Africa/Lagos

IFATUNJI ABERUAGBA Herbalist Home was founded by Chief IFATUNJI ABERUAGBA Ewenje ogun n je who is 95 years old. He got the skill and art as an inheritance from his father, Late Chief IFATUNJI ABERUAGBA of Ijebu Land in Nigeria. The home has testimonies from across United Kingdom, United States of America, Italy, Spain, Holland, Germany, South Africa and locally in Nigeria.TEl 08067033668 +2348067033668 / 08067033668 +2348067033668 07064593320 +2347064593320, 07064593320 +2347064593320... BABA IFATUNJI ABERUAGBA is a Nigerian spiritual Healer that Provide Services For Spiritual Healing, Herbal Healing, Native Healing, Spell Casting Services And solves most problems with sicknesses failed by other doctors and healers by using the powers of his ancestral spirits. IFATUNJI ABERUAGBA is an experience in treating and solving most problems and complications affecting the majority of people among the populations in Nigeria . If you have been suffering with a lot of difficulties and blinded by not knowing what to do about it ,It is time to give your self a question that why others are happy and successful all the time in their lives while you are not? No matter whatever cultural background or religious believer you are, but as long as you’re a human being this can be the solution of your problem. BELOW ARE D SERVICES OF IFATUNJI ABERUAGBA. He got prayer to take away bad… 08067033668 +2348067033668 07064593320 +2347064593320 Our speciality is as follows: In a position and they want to change you If you are in a position and they want to change you or retire you and you still want to remain there as a boss to make many money for example,manager of a company,Any governmental position and want to win the position again which you will do for many years we have done this for many chairmen, senators, governors repsentative, house Asembles and managers of many companies..We are really specialise on this most Stroke: A stroke is the rapidly developing loss of brain functions due to disturbance in the blood supply to the brain, caused by a blocked or burst blood vessel. We treat stoke using the best herbal formulation and our patients have testified to the amazing power of African traditional medicine. Hypertension: To us at OGUN n je Herbalist Home, hypertension is not a disease, it is a minor health problem. We have tested and trusted herbs that would cure hypertension within one week. Guaranteed! Diabetes: A person with Diabetes mellitus has a high blood sugar level, either because the body doesn' t produce enough insulin, or because body cells don' t properly respond to the insulin that is produced. We have helped helped a lot of people solve this problem within two weeks using herbs you can find around you. Infertility: We have helped a lot of women and men solve their infertility problems. God created everything good and there is no such thing like a barren woman. Many women called ' barren' have been able to conceive with the help of our herbal medicine. Mental Disorder: We have testimonies from people we have helped solve their mental problems using herbs. 08067033668 +2348067033668 07064593320 +2347064593320 Eye Cataract: A cataract is a clouding that develops in the lens of the eye or in its envelope, varying in degree from slight to complete opacity and obstructing the passage of light. Cataract can be flushed using traditional medicine with carefully selected herbs. Body Odour: Body odour is the smell of bacteria growing on the body. These bacteria multiply rapidly in the presence of sweat. These bacteria can be reduced to minimum by the use of our herbal formulations. Body odour is permanently curable. General body sickness: We have cured a wide range of sicknesses and diseases using local herbs. We have ready cure for sicknesses such as malaria, typhoid fever, yellow fever, general body weakness, etc. Come today and regain your health in just two days. Unemployment: Most unemployment are caused by ill-luck. We can help you solve this problem by consulting the Ifa Divination Oracle. Down-turn business: Many business problems can be solved spiritually. Expose your problems today and they will leave you. Marital problems: Marital problems too can be solved spiritually. Find your partner and see if your stars are compartible. Hunger will never set into one' s mind (stomach) For other matter to have space for deliberation That was the one who cast Ifa for Orunmila When he was going to snatch " Day of Wailing" away from Death When he was going to snatch " Day of Wailing" away from Death He was asked to offer sacrifice He complied. Before long Join us in the midst of abundant well being Ifa says the client for whom this Odu is cast will not die prematurely. They must be initiated into Ifa. ORUNMILA ABORU ABOYE ABOSISE Is your partner delaying your marriage or don’t want to give you a child. OGUN N JE IFATOGUN also have the mixed remedies to cure defiant diseases like:- Asthma, Diabetes, Blood pressure, long illnesses, Cancer, lung infection, and many more.Location isn' t a barrier, we ship and send herbal medication to any part of the world. Seek solutions to your spiritual problems today. Location : Ijebu Atan, Ijebu ode, Ogun State , Nigeria BABA IFATUNJI ABERUAGBA NATIVE DOCTOR ON 08067033668 +2348067033668 07064593320 +2347064593320 08067033668 +2348067033668 07064593320 +2347064593320



4 Feb 12, 03:41 PM, Africa/Lagos

Good evening 2 u n happy newyear.



2 May 11, 11:56 AM, Africa/Lagos

Baby whats up/ you are looking good

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