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Nice kool guy

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13 Dec 23, 09:20 AM, Africa/Lagos

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23 Sep 12, 06:11 PM, Africa/Lagos

do you really exist? then say hello for once!



5 Sep 09, 02:43 AM, Africa/Lagos

Happy Birthday


HAVE 11111111

28 Aug 09, 01:20 PM, Africa/Lagos

- Myspace Comments



14 Jul 09, 03:39 PM, Africa/Lagos




23 Apr 09, 11:42 PM, Africa/Lagos

ur is nice, i like to add u



8 Feb 09, 12:35 PM, Africa/Lagos

Thanks 4 d add



6 Feb 09, 05:01 PM, Africa/Lagos



Tnx for the add!

27 Oct 08, 03:24 PM, Africa/Lagos


U r looking good man

11 Oct 08, 06:32 PM, Africa/Lagos

hi its my pleasure meeting u.........can we br friends......donjoeph [email protected] or groups.yahoo.com/grou p/joe_cyberdude

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