👇👇👇👇 The MLM part of this business is the icing on the cake. All it requires, is for every registered member to introduce 2 serious minded friends to run very fast with them. N4,000   2 FRIENDS = FINANCIAL FREEDOM  You are also entitled to  • Sponsor/Referral Bonus • Stop Out Bonus • Matrix Bonus • Awards • Trips It allows members to earn from six (6) different stages and they include: 1) Bronze stage 2) Silver Stage  3) Gold Stage 4) Emerald Stage 5) Ruby Stage 6) Diamond  NOTE: Not to worry, we have a great team to help work out these stages easily. Just get your 3 accounts for 12k, 7 for 28k or 15 for 60k and you will be smiling home in multiples.   Below are details of how members move from one stage to another and how they are rewarded   1. BRONZE STAGE  This stage operates on a 2 x 2 Forced Matrix. Meaning, you get your 2 and your 2 get their 2 . You   2   4 = 6 (N3,600.00)  2.  SILVER STAGE  This stage operates on a 2 x 3 matrix. Meaning, the people in your