Hi NPs! <br /> D drama continues; <br /> My ex just left m...
Hi NPs!
D drama continues;
My ex just left my house with her 3 brodas & her uncle!
Dey came 4rm Lagos, Abuja, Aba & Owerri.
Point: Dey asked me to reconsider my decision 2 end my affair with her.
I ve posted twice on dis issue of inconsistency leading 2 break up & d Police etal!
We are to report 2 d Police Station by 4pm 2mrw, dey asked me 2 withdraw 4rm d Police.
I didn't go 1st, she did!
Its luv lyk dis?
Am confused but 1 thing is certain; am done but she z not ok with dat!
What do I do? I contemplate leaving town, but it's even more strenuous!
Any advice 4rm followers?

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