I was jobless for 3 years until I ran to a church which I wi...
I was jobless for 3 years until I ran to a church which I will not mention the name ,they asked me to fast and pray which I did . They asked me to write my dream job and company,which I did .
Note that I have been writing exams and sending my cv to the company but no response so after I went to the church,2 months later I got a good offer in that company.
My pastor made me promise to give him half of my salary every month which I agreed out of excitement,and then I had no responsibility .
I kept my pledge,for 1 year and 3 months until I got married and my wife got pregnant and responsibilities pailed up .
So I missed 4 months of giving him the money then he started swearing for me .
Every day he will call me and be swearing that if I don't give him his money that I will loose my job and suffer for the rest of my life .
Naijapals, I want to give him the money but responsibility is too much . I have even pleaded with him to reduce it but he said it must be half my salary which he know how much I earn.
Do I call his bluff and move on ! Will is curses work .

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