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United States Mysterious cellphone towers

Dec. 14th 07:51 AM 2015
Ever since Edward Snowden outted the NSA’s mass surveillance programs, the need for CryptoPhone has been recognized among the population. The device' s promise to secure us against eavesdropping and electronic surveillance has made the demand of the device to shoot through the roof. Everybody wants to be safe from the government listening on to their 3 a.m. booty calls. In the past were found 17 fake communication base station, they are not provide services, but is connected to the phone near, bypass the encryption device, can creeping eavesdropping phone calls, can also read the text. Report points out, most phone unable to detect the presence of these fake phone towers. Goldsmith said that the interception frequency than expected. He said, had a customer from Florida to north Carolina, found eight different interceptors on the road. ESD even at the south of Las Vegas casinos have discovered that the interceptor. These false signal tower was found in July, but reports suggest that there may be more false signal tower. Although still don' t know who owns these towers, but ESD found that several towers are near a U.S. military base. False signal tower during listening, can reduce the people' s 4 g phone to 2 g. If you see his phone to download signal special slow, there is probably a detour on the way. Also, to set up a cell tower is expensive as the hardware required to conduct such attack doesn' t come easy. This can only be funded by a government-issued body. The devices that are used in these cell phone towers, like the VME Dominator, has the capacity to intercept your texts and calls along with controlling your phone. Snowden had previously disclosed that the NSA has the capacity to achieve remote control through " over-the-air" attack. So imagine your phone being turned off but left on as a microphone to " bug" your surrounding and eavesdrop in on your conversation without you being aware of absolutely anything. Yes, this is possible for the NSA. And no one is safe from these attacks. We are all vulnerable to one of these attacks as all smartphones basically run a second OS, which runs on the baseband processor and works as a middleman between the main OS and the cell towers. Although chip manufacturers protect details about their processors that may make it challenging, but definitely not an impenetrable method of attack. This in turn effectively renders all smartphone users vulnerable to government listening in on their calls and privy to the content of their text. It is advisable to take all necessary steps to safeguard the secrecy of all your phonic conversations from the prying eyes of an illicit personality. Get cell phone jammers for your phones today so that you are not vulnerable, especially when you think you are most secure. http://www.jammer-shop.com/cell-phone-jammers.html