happi birthday

Aug. 9th 01:23 PM 2011


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happi birthday!!

Aug. 9th 10:30 AM 2010

Happy Birthday Comments

Happy Birthday

Aug. 9th 09:21 AM 2010
May your days be renewed


Aug. 6th 10:41 AM 2010
happy birthday to you in advance


Jun. 18th 08:00 PM 2010
ur profile look perfect to brother

thans alot..

May. 12th 01:42 PM 2010
hello lavendra...dis is winnie i just log on naijapals nw after a very long tym and was stunned wit d lovely cake u sent me... i appreciate even though its kinda coming too late...thanks alot


May. 11th 04:16 PM 2010
moni ignites love

Hi Friend

Apr. 5th 06:51 PM 2010
Happy Easter and thanks for your comment

Hi Laven.Takkie dear.

Jan. 28th 06:19 PM 2010
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i dey ooooo

Jan. 27th 08:26 PM 2010
hope u are enjoying ur self today?alright have a god one